Noah Schleifer

Noah Is the Owner and Operator of Harmony Mushroom Co. He started Harmony in 2021 and is on a mission to lead, innovate, educate and inspire. Besides working on the farm, he loves his dogs and helping people pursue what they are passionate about.

Skyeler Ferris

Skyeler's creativity and organizational skills are what keep the farm operating. When she’s not selling out at the market, Skyeler loves to cook and spend time with her lovely wife and 3 cats. She also writes all of the recipes that you see on the website!

Kayla Collins

Kayla loves mushrooms and everything nature! When she’s not harvesting hundreds of pounds of Lion’s Mane, Kayla teaches yoga, performs massage therapy, and enjoys spending time in the forest.

Rachel Schleifer

Rachel is the social media manager at Harmony, and Noah’s older sister. Noah and Rachel have worked together on projects since they were young, and continue to help each other succeed today. When Rachel isn’t creating content, she is paddle boarding, hiking, and inspiring others to adventure.

Channing Hoefer

Channing is the newest team member at Harmony. She is passionate about Mycology, and the relationship we have with mushrooms. When she’s not harvesting the world’s best mushrooms, she enjoys time with her kids and family.